MetaCribs is inspired by celebrity homes and iconic memories throughout the generations created for NFT collectors by NFT collectors. MetaCribs is currently working with Solana’s first Augmented Reality platform called District3 who will be turning your NFTS into a living breathing thing set up for the Metaverse. We plan on using our upcoming Scuba Series NFTs as a conservation effort and entry point to get a MetaCrib VIP pass. This one of a kind NFT project will be literally tied into 3D printing of actual houses where holders can receive passive income and have interest in projects at the actual ground floor by being in our community. Welcome to the Future of Physical & Digital Real Estate. MetaCribs is a celebration of life, adventure, daring to be bold, and leaving your unique mark on the world. Celebrate through your art, music, literature, architecture, blockchain skills, sports, coding, passion, baking, content creation, conservation efforts, and everything that makes you an individual. MetaCribs will be coming after our Scuba Series NFT Mint.


We are on a mission to show the world what 3D printing construction can do to reduce 70% of the trees used in a new home build while eliminating 70% of the construction waste that winds up in landfills in the process. From putting a shovel in the ground, to having a family moved in can be done in under 90 days and you can be one of the first people in the world to live in a 3D printed custom home. Our mission is to give back first and help heal this planet at every step we take. Our Company is building a community of individuals who understand NFTs can be used for good with minimal energy use and maximum positive environmental impact.

Nationally in the U.S. we’re facing a shortage of more than 7.2 million affordable homes, with over 500,000 people experiencing homelessness on any given night. Due to a lack of skilled labor, we simply cannot keep up with the growing demand. Robots help us fill that gap by delivering more houses without filling a human’s role. As prices of rents and houses have skyrocketed in the last 3 years, the chance to own or even rent for many people is slipping away every day.

Using 3D printed technology we will level the playing field and make beautiful brand new, environmentally ethical, storm resilient, healthy living spaces that can be built 8x as fast at a minimum of 33% percent less than traditional built structures. As a forward looking technology company, all transactions will be put on the blockchain and our NFTs will have proof of ownership to avoid the use of banks, application fees, closing time, closing costs, bidding wars, paperwork, inspections, and all the unexpected repair expenses a number of new home buyers and renters face. Housing for all is an achievable goal that will disrupt the housing market and bring back an equilibrium to living standards. Our Printing partner https://www.apis-cor.com



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Metacribs STORY

We looked around the NFT space and were in disbelief at the amount of energy a single ETH NFT transaction uses. As we read more and more about it in articles we decided to do something about it. We wanted to show the world that NFTs can be used to help heal the planet and that NFTs can have real world value and utility like no other. We have partnered with the great people at Team Seas and will be removing 10 Lbs. of trash from the Ocean everytime our NFT is bought or sold. We love our oceans and want to help protect them and all the amazing life that lives in them. The Oceans were the inspiration for our Scuba Series and we will also be making monthly donations from all NFT sales to clean seas and help restore and regrow coral reefs around the globe. We are a small team of dreamers who think the future is in the hands of those that help create it and we want to create a better future for us and the generations to come down the line.


N F T s

We will be opening 500 Scuba Series Whitelist spots on Jan 23rd 2022 until they are filled, or until February 15th. You will receive a mint token prior to launch for the Scuba Series. Scuba Series WL Price 150$ in Sol –Scuba Series Total Collection 2,222 – MetaCribs Launch date March 31st – Price TBA
This Scuba Series card is a way to let the world know that NFTs can be a positive for the environment and every NFT bought or sold will remove 10lbs of trash from the ocean with our partner Team Seas. These NFTs will be a stepping stone, we want people to commit to the healing of our planet to get access to our MetaCrib Club and to our passive income projects- You will need a WL Scuba Series in your wallet to mint a WL MetaCrib- There will only be 1010 MetaCribs minted for our first drop, so we advise your get your hand on a Scuba Series WL spot.
Scuba Series WL members will be automatically entered into a raffle to win one of 50 ultra rare secret MetaCribs after we mint. Scuba WL members will be automatically entered into our private Real Estate Club/DAO that has passive income from 3D Printing of houses to start Q4 2022. If you do not have a WL Scuba Series you will not be eligible for the first round of 3D printed build projects.
  • Yield-bearing facility to loyal token holders
  • Rewards are given based on time staked
  • Staking times & rewards are customisable
  • Fixed and variable rate rewards
  • Multiple stake pools
  • Multiple tokens to be staked simultaneously
  • Community wallet with weekly rewards
Scuba WL members that hold over 60 days from minting are eligible to be airdropped 1 of 10 Golden Key NFTs that have a value of $100,000 each towards a 3D printed house serialized #1-10.These cards can be used towards the house purchase in the U.S. or the Golden Key NFTs can also be sold to the highest bidder on the open market. Anyone who wants to get a 3D printed house can only get on our build list by holding a Scuba Series NFTs and wait till it’s their turn, or they can just buy the Golden Key from whoever holds it and Skip the line. This is the Future of Real Estate and NFTs.



Scuba Series Community Members will be giving these amazing Trips and Prizes for helping us achieve our goals!

01 *1 of 5 Oculus Rift 2 sets https://www.oculus.com/
02 *1 of 5 AHI PERFORMANCE CRUISER SKATEBOARDs –A 27-inch performance cruiser skateboard made from 50 square feet of recycled fishing nets from our friends at Bureo
03 *1 of 5 eco friendly watches or sunglasses made from recycled ocean plastic provided by our partners at https://www.sea2see.org/ 
04 *1 of 25 Coral Reef Fragments planted in their name with certificate from Reef Life
05 *1 of 25 Clean Seas Bracelet made out of recycled fishing nets with our partner https://www.cleansea.co/
06 *1 of 10  Digital subscriptions for a year from our friends at https://www.nationalgeographic.com/
07 *1 of 5 Whale Adoption for a year from our partners at https://www.oceanicsociety.org
08 * 1 of 6 VIP Scuba excursions all expenses paid for 2  Top Diving Hawaii
09 * 2  sets of all expense paid trips for two for The Non Fungible Conference in Lisbon Portugal April 4th and 5th 2022  https://www.nonfungibleconference.com/
10* 2 Sets of All expenses paid trips to NYC for NFT.NYC June 20th-23rd 2022  https://www.nft.nyc/
11* 2 Sets of all expense paid trips for 2 for Emerge Americas in Miami Beach April 18th-19th 2022  https://emergeamericas.com/
12 *10 members will receive access to Intro to Construction 3D Printing Fundamentals course and receive certification from our partners at Apis-Cor 3D printing https://www.apis-cor.com/


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